Future Plans

Shawnee Town Executive Summary

As a result of extensive strategic planning in 2002-2003, the Shawnee City Council, in February, 2004 adopted the “Shawnee Town, 1929: Vision and Strategic Plan for the Future,” which established a new vision and purpose for Old Shawnee Town. This called for a complete physical and interpretive re-structuring of Old Shawnee Town to become Shawnee Town 1929, a community center and farm town. In 2016, the new 2015-2025 Shawnee Town Strategic Plan was unanimously adopted by the City Council. It guides the museum through the next several years.

New interpretive offerings, educational programs, and museum exhibits emphasize three major historical themes: Shawnee’s role as a farm town supporting area farmers; the strength and resilience of community spirit in Shawnee through difficult and prosperous times; and the effects of transportation on Shawnee as a link between points to the west and the urban center of Kansas City and beyond. 

The site features original and reconstructed buildings, gardens, and structures providing support services for operation of the site. 

Each building is furnished with artifacts dating from the interpreted time period. Owned and operated by the City of Shawnee, Kansas, the museum is a division of the Parks & Recreation Department. A cornerstone of Herman E. Laird Park, it is located two blocks from the original Town Square and downtown Shawnee. 

Vision Statement: 
Shawnee Town 1929 connects visitors with the enduring spirit of our rural farming community. 

Mission Statement: 
We believe an understanding of the past enriches our lives today. Shawnee Town 1929 invites visitors to experience a typical day in and around the farm community of Shawnee, Kansas, in the 1920s through authentic and engaging collections, exhibits, and relevant programs and events.